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Wholly Foxtrot…..

F45To give you an idea of what tonight was like – I’ve been home now for 40mins and I’m still sweating profusely……..

I haven’t been to a cardio session since my break at the end of last year – and I felt it tonight! But I had run into one of the girls from my regular class on the way to work this morning and she had asked me if I was going – I said yes – so naturally, I had to go – and wouldn’t you know it – she made it to the earlier class! Anyway, thankfully Kris was there to keep me motivated!

Tonight I also met the new trainer Jen. I like her! She was attentive, encouraged you, made me laugh – all the things you want in a trainer! The class was going smoothly for us (Kris and I have issues counting lol) however, it would seem even though we went from station 1 to station 2, all the trainers got confused on what number we were on! hehehe It ended up that we were on the right station after all! It doesn’t happen often, but I did have a giggle that we knew what we were doing after all! You watch, tomorrow Kris and I will probably try and do everything the wrong direction….

When the class was finished, I was actually sad that Kris hadn’t ridden her bike down. I was going to ask her for ride home – I would have ridden on the handle bar just so I didn’t have to walk the block home! Buggered I was, totally and completely buggered! Darn you cardio!!!

am signed in for tomorrow, I figured, my February 28 day plan may as well start a few days early…and its weights – my favourite!


28 Days……

Right, so I make it a general rule not to make any resolutions for January, cause really the month is filled with eating left overs, having big meals and generally overeating and indulging way too much in the booze and…….. not exercising. No one can say I am a new years resolution-er lol

However, even though (as I weighed myself this morning) the scale is going down, I am starting to feel….. floppy. I was starting to get some shape last year – right now I am a shape, that shape would be round (or at least that is how I see myself when I look in the mirror) So I have decided, February will be my ‘eating clean’ and ‘working out regularly’ month. After all, some wise person said that it takes 21 days to form a new (good) habit.

Although, one of the women I work with told me that the post Christmas diet doesn’t start until the school term begins (as I don’t have kids – I actually have no idea when this is!) Therefore, Feb 1 will have to do!

The test will be if I am still as enthusiastic about it 3 days in……..



F45I signed up for tonight’s F45 session which was Angry Birds. I’ve always enjoyed Tuesday workouts – anytime it’s a session dedicated mostly to weights, I am a happy girl. Tonight was no exception.

I felt better working out at F45 than I had in some time. It could have been that the class was smaller, that I had more interaction with the trainers, that I had one of my ‘squad’ girls Kris to work out with. It was just an all round great session.

Last week I did the classic move and slipped getting out of the shower. Lets just say, I hit the edge of the shower with the full force of my weight – and I am by no means a light person (currently anyway) lol Here are some shots of the damage I did to myself.

So tonight, I was curious about how I would go – especially with the giant bruise on the ole derriere! I did really well till it came to the Russian twists lol but we found a modification! One exercise out of the 12 – not too bad!

I had a lot of fun this session, and I’m signed in again for Thursday. If all sessions are like this, I may be back on a more permanent basis!


New Years Update

It has been a while since I  have written, lots has been going on. First off, due to the insanity that was work, I had to suspend my membership with F45 – I wasn’t making the classes and felt that I was paying for a service I wasn’t using. Hence the suspension until I was in a better place. In all honesty, I also hadn’t really been enjoying it as much as I had. It could have been from the ‘award’ I got at the party (last time I posted) I know in my heart it was meant as a joke, but I think I must have been overly sensitive that night and to be given an award that I make excuses kinda stung. And put me off going. In my mind, my ‘excuses’ were injury related – which I thought surely they couldn’t have been referring to that, but like I said, it might just have been I was feeling sensitive at the time. I tend to fester on things too so that hasn’t helped.

As I hadn’t been able to get to any of the classes, I thought I had to do something – walking at lunchtimes just wasn’t cutting it, so I joined up with Fitness First. I had been thinking about joining them for a while, some days you really just feel like doing a Les Mills class, they may not yield the same results,  but they are fun. And I used to love them. Some days you just feel like doing a kickass leg day.  Or cycling in a dark air conditioned room for 45mins lol. There is one near my work which is great when I want to do something during my lunch break or after work when I’ve worked just that little too late to make an F45 class with my girls (Fe and Kris) – both branches I go to are 24 hours too which is good – not that I can fully understand people working out at 2am haha

Fitness first was where my fitness journey began. It is where my first major transformation happened. I don’t know what to expect this time round, but for the time being, I will keep both F45 and Fitness First, I really hope my love for F45 comes back. I am hoping that work will settle down and I can start leaving on time again so will be able to make the same class as my girls too – the time table changed and they can make the earlier class whereas I could not. In a perfect world where money is also no problem, I would do both. Time will tell!

Either way, its a new year, time to start finding my joy in working out again!

Last night was team blakehurst’s 2nd birthday! It was a night of dressing up, fun, dancing, food and laughs! The costumes were amazing, and the gym looked fantastic!! (I may have to borrow one of the giant spiders!) I did have to giggle, I hardly recognised anyone out of their gymwear!!

Some of the costumes!

Awards were given out too for various things, most attendances, Spider-Man, who stops 5seconds early….I got an award too….Though I’m not entirely sure how to take it! What are they trying to say? I will ponder on it for a little longer…..🤔🤔 

The night ended with cake, donuts and burpees – for the trainers, not us hehe

Of course there was a group photo! This is us, team blakehurst, at your service!


A change of pace…..

00515799_img_10_mAfter an awesome weekend, I had a really crappy Tuesday, you could say I was in a feral mood and not in a place to be around nice people.

From the moment I woke up to pretty much the moment I went to bed, it was just one bad thing after another, so I thought it was best for everyone I took a night off, and just wallowed in self pity before heading back into civilisation.

Wednesday night I went to my first tennis lesson in MONTHS. I thought a change of pace was what I needed, and it worked, I feel so much better now. We covered all the shots – even the ones I had been avoiding cause they were so bad, and it’s funny cause my weakest shot now was my strongest shot back in my playing days! My forehand is right there on struggle street, yet the rest of my shots tonight – there were glimpses of the old me – the one who played competitively for 13 years!

My trainer – Sandor, lovely guy – very patient with me lol I had been avoiding serving for the whole time I have known him, mostly because I was one of those annoying players who could ace on a second serve – as it was generally stronger than my first, and over the past few years had been reduced to an underhand serve! Those in the tennis world know of this horror!

And you know what it all came down to? Practicing my darn toss! Once I got my toss back to where it was supposed to be, the muscle memory kicked in and my form was right, my serves went where they were supposed to. We even rallied a bit at the end there!

He invited me to join another coaching group that was a little later on Wednesdays so I can get some variety into my game. I think I will attend. I would really love to get back to playing socially and with the confidence I used to have!

I can definitely say, playing tennis makes you use muscles you don’t use in F45 lol Oh I be sore…….




When your form is on point!

Tuesday night- my favourite night to work out – it’s because the class is weights, and given the choice, I would choose 45mins of weights over 45mins of cardio any day!  For the past 2 days, it has just been Kris and I, as Fe has been MIA – well ok, she has a legit excuse, she is looking after her folks who have come down with the flu, I suppose quite simply, I miss you friend, and hope you are back with us shortly!

There were 14 stations today, 3 repeats on each. You know when you have one of those sessions where everything goes right. You keep your number, you move in the right direction (a miracle if you know Kris and I), you don’t fall off anything, and most importantly, your form is right! Every exercise tonight felt good.

I was doing so well, that Rodger even came up to tell me that my form was really good, and I seem more fluid in my movements! (?? Rodger is that the right word you used? LOL Or did I totally make that up?)  To which I commented that it is a lot easier to move when you aren’t injured!

Now when I say I am not injured, I mean my arm is back to normal! Cue happy dance! However, in saying that, I thought it wise to go for a brisk walk (ok, I tried to jog and there were too many jiggly bits, so it ended up a walk) on the weekend and my shin splints started to hurt, which then progressed to my heel spur twinging, which has since been irritating me for a few days now. So lets modify my ‘happy dance’ to more of a ‘gentle sway from side to side’ but still happy….

Tonight’s workout according to the schedule is Firestorm….. 54 stations and no getting off…. I have no recollection of this workout – I am slightly terrified…

Till next time



Ah when you try and take a photo portraying the fun (pain) you will be going through, and someone photobombs your picture!

To change things up last week we did Angry Birds…….. it was a jam packed class. To the point they had to put an extra station at each pod! I was paired up with Kris and we were given our starting number as 4 – now this is very important as usually, we get given a number, promptly forget and end up on the wrong one.

It all started well, the first round of 45seconds work finished, and we moved to no5… well I did…… I don’t know where Kris went, but it wasn’t the right direction! We continued on our merry way, till once again Kris decided the exercise we were doing was not the one for her and did the one we were to do next lol

There were so many people and so many numbers that for the rest of the session I honestly have no idea if we were starting in the right place! There was one exercise where we had to lift a barbell up and rest it on our collarbone, then squat. It was too heavy for me to lift up on my own so I got Jeramiah to help me – he lifted the bar with one hand and I got it into position – I may have muttered “show off” as he wandered off lol

I’m pretty sure we have discussed you trainers making things look easy……


F45I was totally supposed to post this one last week.. NO! 2 weeks ago now! but well you know, life…and time just seems to be flying. lol Lame excuse I know, but here it is!

I have had a great week this week, I have been to 4 sessions so far and worked my butt off! Tonight was the first time I had made it to a Thursday session in MONTHS! There were 6 pods of 3 exercises with a repeat. It was so much fun, it might actually be my favourite (Renegade guys, keep it around, I like it!)

Earlier in the week, it was generally me working out with Fe, Kris and another girl Cass, apparently there was way too much laughing on the Monday night but hey, that’s the point of working out with a group right? Motivation and giggles.

Tonight I was working out with Kris. In the second last pod which had hip thrusters with weighted sand bag, Kris thought it was appropriate to dump a rather heavy one on me – on top of the one I had already put on myself, which I was rather chuffed I was ok lifting…..until Cass wandered over and decided to use me as a seat! However, as I was laughing and yelling out, ‘uneven weight distribution’ my poor wee right butt cheek had to work even harder to keep everything off the ground including Cass lol Cue the next round, and she used me a a leg rest! Needless to say, there was more laughing and I found out I was lifting 40kgs (pb for me!) and a Cass!

Its been a good week, I haven’t managed to fall off anything, hurt myself or drop any weights on me or close to anyone else – and my tennis elbow seems to have all but disappeared (which means I can start booking in for my tennis lessons again!)

A new week begins!


3 Day Streak!!!

F45I had made a conscious effort this week to leave the office on time, so that I could make more than 1 session a week! So far, I have made it 3 days in a row! And I am absolutely buggered… I feel like it is the first week again when all my muscles are screaming at me, demanding to know why I am doing this to them… and all I can think is “you have Fiji in 3.5 months” That is why…..

Last night was resistance training – Panthers, there were so many people in the class last night, it was unbelievable, my workout buddy Fe and I agreed we had never seen the gym so busy! There were upsides and downsides to it being so full. Upsides was the vibe and atmosphere in the room, seeing everyone working and pushing themselves made you want to work harder too… Downside – was that there wasn’t as much attention paid to your form by the trainers as usual because they were all over the place trying to look after everyone all at once lol For example, I did one move, and spent the next one trying to get the cramp out of my ole buttcheek! Fe was trying to get a trainers attention to help, but there was noone around. Everywhere we looked they were running between us all trying to help someone out. Laughter got the better of us though while I was trying in vain to stretch my glute. Towards the end, it was suggested that Fe go down in weight (she had had a PT session before our class) and I go up, but then I over extended my arm cause the weight was too heavy and have now hurt my elbow! Honestly, I am a danger to myself without constant supervision! Nothing an ole icepack and sports cream can’t fix.


Tonight was cardio – Firestorm…….whoever the sick bugger was that decided cardio was a perfectly acceptable way to torture people has a lot to answer for….. there was bike riding, rowing, more plyo moves than ever before, jumping on and over boxes, bear crawls with a push up, russian twists, and this lovely running with a partner in opposite directions with a giant rubber band around your waist….. it creates resistance or something like that…… my first partner was a guy, and I really think he took it easy on me – I took off in one direction, him in another, and Cass came over to encourage us to run faster and further in the directions we were facing, which was all well and good till we had to stop. One stopped relatively gracefully. One did not. Guess who did not… yup me, I go flying backwards – I know Cass is there so I put my hand out to stop myself crashing into her, only to smack her right on the butt!!!! Cass, again for the 10th time, I’m so sorry! lol  But hey, on the upside, we both remained standing!

The end of the second round, there was the final 5 second countdown, once it was over, I just laid there on the floor, in a sweaty exhausted heap until Jeremiah took pity on me and helped me up off the ground….


Fe and I constantly ask ourselves, why do we keep coming back – and why do we do this to ourselves – I guess, either we are completely nuts, or secretly, we really do enjoy these crazy 45min HIIT workouts….


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