A non sugar coated diary of my path to a healthier life

F45It is official that the first and second of my challenge did not go to plan. I managed to cop the lurgey that has been doing the rounds. A mutated strain of this years flu was the official verdict! Lucky me! Yet I was lucky to get a mild case of it. My sister was off work for over a week so I am thankful mine has only been ‘mild’! I had also just started a new job too, so I wasn’t too happy having to take a sick day 7 days in, but like my boss said, I sounded rotten haha

I haven’t been following the meal plan either as soup is all I seem to like having – the thought of having to meal prep when sick…. bleh! This weekend I will get back on track with the food.

I was hoping to get back to F45 yesterday, you know the whole ‘never miss a Monday’ but I ended up staying at work till 7.45pm!! So today was it. My first day back!  And it was Panthers. What I discovered tonight was that breathing is still difficult, but I did it all at my own pace and made it through.

My workout buddy was Chris, and she helped get me through – even checking on me during one of the rest periods making sure I was awake haha

The last exercise tonight was this rope climb thing. After gracefully (yeh……..that is a generous way of describing how I looked falling on the ground) landing on my backside on every move, and then not being able to pull myself back up off the ground, Cass finally took pity on me and modified the move for me lol Ah she missed me….and my uncanny ability to make an easy move look incredibly difficult – I try…I really do…..

Till tomorrow!


F45The things I do….. I picked up a lurgey on the weekend, Sunday was spent rotating between freezing cold, to roasting hot, to coughing up a lung to ending the day with a migraine. It was lovely.

Against my mama’s advice, I went to work – even my boss said I should of stayed home – but really, when you have only been in your new job 5 days…. calling in sick on the 6th isn’t overly impressive! So I soldiered on – and was told if I gave my cold to one of my team mates, she would kill me haha

So naturally, I thought going to Pipeline would be a wise decision too! Yeh…. not so much! 1) it was cardio 2) I had a blocked nose so breathing was a challenge and 3) every modification offered was a burpee or a squat! What is with the burpees people?????? The squats were ok – I like squats – nice toned tushy….

I was buggered after the warm up! I’m pretty sure my workout buddy Fe kept checking on me to make sure I hadn’t passed out while doing one of the exercises! There were 9 stations and each was 40seconds….

While I was doing squats on the bosu, Rodger came up to give me a harder challenge – which I am not going to lie, I was so thankful the buzzer went off (and then he forgot me the next round hehe) However! Jeremiah did not – and when it was the final round, the rotten bugger (a term of endearment) gave me a rather heavy dumbell to use to make the squats harder! How rude!

I made it through the class with only 2 major coughing fits! Not bad for my first day of the challenge!

Now, I dont know about you, but Im going to shower, put on my heater, take my cold and flu tablets, take my magnesium and pass out….. all so I am ready to do it all again tomorrow!!!


F45I have not worked out this week! I know! Terrible! I started a new job on Monday, and other than trying to be an absolute keener by coming in early and staying late – I havent managed to keep my eyeballs open past 9.30! Brain overload!

Anyway, Wednesday they had the information session for the upcoming 8 week challenge. I’m pretty sure you all figured out I didn’t quite finish the last one….. But this time round, we had to put into our phones what our SMART goal was and then email it to the trainers so they could keep us accountable throughout the challenge. I haven’ t emailed it to them yet, but I am putting it up here. Figured, the more accountable I am, hopefully the better the outcome for me! (Plus I have to be ready for my holiday in November!)


Specific – Lose 8kgs. Drop a dress size. Lose 5cm around my stomach – aka Fiji bikini ready

Measurable – I will take photos (yuk) measurements (meh) and body scan – already booked

Attainable – Yes, if I pull my finger out and do the work…. not gonna lie, check ins with the trainers and coaches to keep me on track are going to help a lot – even when I get stroppy and stamp my foot going “I don’t wanna!!!”

Relavant- I want to commit to 5 sessions a week. Mon-Thurs and one weekend session (2 if super keen) and stick to the meal plan (modifying where there is red meat of course)

Time – If all goes to plan, I will lose approximately 1kg a week.

Challenge starts on Monday….. I have 2 work out buddies Fe and Suze, hopefully the 3 of us will be able to help each other keep focused and reach our goals! We’ve got this!

I guess by putting this all in my blog, I am now accountable to you all too!


F45How I made it to the class tonight is beyond me! I left work late, my train was delayed, and every dawdler in the Allawah area was on the street in front of me! But! I made it! Mind you, I missed half the demo.. and what I did see….was burpees, more burpees and even more burpees! I was beginning to question my decision to get here like a crazy woman! Seriously, why so many burpees? And giving them some fancy pants name does not trick us, we know they are still burpees!

Anyway, I warmed up next to my usual workout girls, Fe and Chris, when Chris was given a different number to us! Awww! We jokingly said ‘but she wants to hang with the cool kids’ (though in all honesty, I’m so uncoordinated, I’m not sure I count as a cool kid!!)

I will say, my poor wee legs were on fire tonight! From the first exercise, to the last, every muscle in my legs burned….and because I’m not overly a fan of jumping (still too many jiggly bits) I usually opt to squat. Tomorrow I may have to admit it might have been wiser to jump.

During the last round… Ange came by with her phone. For some reason I thought she was taking happy snaps of us. So of course I chose to be cheeky. Nope. She was recording….

Ahhh….I think this really does sum up Bears…and what I thought of it lol​

What can I say….. I’m all class…. hehehe


F45I think these two post workout selfies sum up my return to F45 lol You know, those moments when you get 5mins into a work out and you question why you thought not going for a week was a good idea? And mind you – that was just in the warm up!

I do have to send a massive shoutout to Fe…. her pushing got me to the class last night for sure! What would I do without my workout buddy??

I really need to work out my schedule better… I lost track of time today and I have missed my class! Tuesdays are my favorite too!! I dunno…this work thing… haha

But I will aim for tomorrow!!!



5f45a85d3fe5058d00af3b7ad2b2d407Well it has been a while – a while since I have posted and a while since I have worked out! Not sure what is going on – the weather perhaps? It’s so dark out when I leave work. And it’s cold. I’m just tired? I worked late so missed my train – cant go work out now…. You want excuses – I got them!

Putting it simply, I guess I just haven’t been feeling it lately! Well not enough to make myself go. Not sure really what the go is! And I know everyone gets into funks every now and then, so I’m not being too hard on myself, I just need to find my mojo again to get back to it and want to give it 100% (at the moment I’m at about 65%). Everything was going so well too, I was losing weight, getting fitter, I got a new car, new job, and then one afternoon, I stayed back late at work, missed my train, and I haven’t had the motivation to go back since!

Ok, before I go getting too disappointed in myself,  that was a week ago lol Well, a solid week since I have worked out. I had been going the weeks before, however, I can’t honestly say when the last time was I went 5 days in a row! Perhaps I am being too hard on myself – maybe not? lol The struggle is real I tell you!

I am booked in tonight, and my workout buddy Fe has been pushing me to get there, so I will go – hopefully after I warm up and realise I shouldn’t have slackened off, my mojo will magically appear and it will all be good again!

I guess one advantage of taking a week off is that – I have been injury free for the past week too!! The tennis elbow I think has finally subsided! Let’s see how we go tonight eh?

I just checked and tonight is Pipeline….. cardio and it’s one of the trainers birthdays, so there will also be burpees…….really?!! Welcome back to me! :p


F45As I hadn’t been able to make many of the weekly classes this past week due to indulging in a couple of musicals, I thought in all my wisdom… “book in for Saturdays Hollywood session, what could it hurt?” WHAT WAS I THINKING?! I obviously did not read the description cause when I rocked up I realised there were 26 stations…. 26!!!!!!!!! Not only that, the session was an hour! Good lord….

I do have to shout out a massive thank you to Aida who helped me not look as uncoordinated as I felt through most of this workout! THANK YOU! Though seriously, trainers – I’m talking to all of you  – you have to stop making exercises look so easy! It’s a slight misrepresentation of how we (…..well ok – me) will look attempting the same exercise…. just sayin’…..

For example…… one move looked straight forward enough, sit on the soft box, lean back a wee bit, lift one leg up, pass a ball under it, lift the other leg, and make like a figure 8. Over and under.. what could possibly go wrong? Well now…… firstly, I couldn’t lift my leg high enough to get the ball through and secondly I was rocking back and forth so much I really am surprised I didn’t stack it if off the back of the box! Aida came to my rescue and had to actually move my feet up and down for me so I knew what the move was supposed to look like – and could actually complete it! What a shocker lol

But I got through it! By the end I was quite chuffed that I made it – then Cass said the dreaded words…. It was someones birthday – so naturally the words were “Birthday burpees!” WHO DOES THAT!!!!! And looks happy about it?!

Tonight was Pipeline – so cardio….. I had Suze as my partner (first time in a week I had seen her, but that’s ok cause she has signed up for the whole week! Good job my friend, good job!) And my other work out buddy was Ange – one of the trainers…. my goodness. where her energy comes from I will never know! It was amazing to watch and I am sure if I could breathe by the end of the session I would have said so!

I think there was ONE of the nine exercises I kept up with Ange lol and that was lying on a bench doing reverse sit ups haha But it was something! And it is one I managed to do without taking too many “omg I cant breathe” breaks!

My arm is improving each week, this week I got through 3 of the 4 rounds using the ropes, mind you I could only use one of the ropes with both hands, but still – progress is progress! Tomorrow night is weights, and I always love a weights session!

Now I am off to ice my arm in preparation for tomorrow, have some dinner and spend the rest of the evening watching the back of my eyelids!



F45-Challenge-Facebook-2-1Oh blogging world, it has been a few weeks, so here is the update!

I survived weeks 2 & 3….. these weeks being the ones without coffee…. How I made it through I cannot say. But I can say I no longer resemble this at all hours of the day!


Oddly enough, I am quite enjoying a long black with a dash of nut milk! Who knew!!!! (and even more oddly, I only require one coffee a day!) The 2nd week weigh in, I lost another 900grams which was pretty good, I could see a little milestone I had been wanting to reach just off in the distance, and I was pretty stoked.

The 3rd week, I finally got my bio-scan done (yeh, cause that totally showed me all the things I never really wanted to know about myself!) And I weighed in again – to which my weight was the same. That evening was my sisters birthday and we went to Hog’s breathe, where I had the chicken and avocado meal. Weighing in again the next morning was not a pleasant experience. I went up half a kilo! I was so cranky at myself and instant thoughts of “this just isn’t worth it if I cant enjoy a meal for a special occasion” crept in.

This past week, there were new sessions. I made it to Sunday, Monday & Tuesdays only (thanks work!). Boxing on Sunday, Cardio on Tuesday and Weights on Tuesday. Cardio Monday was Pipeline. I really liked it, though just when I think I am starting to like cardio, they change up the routines, make it harder and I am one again in the “cardio, I hate you” basket! Towards the end of this class, I was doing a plank when someone came up and adjusted me so I was in the right pose (my plank may have slightly resembled a low downward dog) however, I had no idea who it was who was adjusting me! I had a moment of “who the F is this?” However, I discovered it was a new trainee and that trainee was Vanessa who I had seen around the gym before! Not just some random person coming up and rearranging me! Lordy!

The weights class on Tuesday was so much fun, though my work out buddy Fe had just finished a 1:1 session with one of the trainers (how she was backing up to do another 45mins of weights I will never know). The trainers were looking rather pleased with themselves every time they looked at her and I remember having to do these push ups on the bosu ball when she stopped to catch her breath, and I said to her “don’t stop, don’t let them win” lol Rather motivational of me I thought! She cracked up but did start doing the exercise again!

I must admit, outside of the 3 sessions, I didn’t have a great 4th week of the challenge. While work was just pure madness, after the weigh in on the Sunday and going up in weight, I somehow lost the motivation to partake in the meal plan (I ate well, just didn’t follow the meals 100%) and work out each night. I was really just in a funk. From Wednesday on, I would get home from work, buggered, and just want to sleep – or just sit on the couch mindlessly channel surfing. My heart and head just wasn’t in it. Although the below refers to a day, i think it is appropriate for the week.

lost motivation

Week 5 begins and I have some major work to do to get back on track. Firstly I do need to stop beating myself up for the past week and not giving it 100%. However, my meal prep is done, so far today I have had my breakfast, snack and lunch, and I’m booked in for Pipeline…


F45-Challenge-Facebook-2-1One week in……and I’m tired. So tired. I find when I wake up, I’m tired, when I am at work, I am tired, I come home from my work out and I’m tired. By Wednesday of the first week I had nothing left. And that was only 3 days in! Am I the only one experiencing this? I would love to know your thoughts.

I’m also over green tea lol I cannot drink any more green tea. I miss my coffee, I know, I know…. let the whining begin! It’s only been a week without coffee, thankfully, I have only had one headache and I’ve a week to go until I can have my blessed java again…. I cannot wait!

As I don’t own a blender (this will be rectified this week as my mum has kindly lent me hers lol) I had to stick to certain days of the food plan for most of the week as there was no smoothie making for me. I will say however, that coconutty brekkie bowl – that is bloody delicious. And who would have thought I would like coconut yoghurt!

This morning I weighed in. I have lost 1.9kgs in the first week. That’s HUGE! In total, since I have started F45, I am down 4.9kgs! I now actually think my ideal “happy place” goal weight might actually be achievable, and not just a pipe dream.

This morning was also T10.. not only did I sleep in (I 99.9% of the time wake up 6.15 on the dot weekdays and weekends) I woke up at 7.30! What the??? And my god, it felt very fast paced lol Oddly, I excelled in the cardio parts, and struggled with the weight sections of the workout! (I refuse to admit I might be enjoying cardio) I did struggle to catch my breath this time in the later rounds – hence why I thought it was moving at a faster pace!


I am super excited to see how I go during week two. I’m hoping my tiredness gets under control. I am getting my 8 hours a night, an it’s solid sleep (according to my fitbit) but it’s the time I’m awake, I feel like I am walking around ready to drop at any moment. I am so far enjoying the food, so hopefully week 2’s food doesn’t disappoint and I would really like to make the 5 sessions this week of F45….and give it 100% at each session.

Let week 2 begin!!!!


F45-Challenge-Facebook-2-1Day 2 of the challenge…. the first headache hit from no coffee.. Then I had the “sad’s” as I call them – everything just made me sad…. Then I got too busy to think about it.

Another thing I discovered today I am not a fan of celery with peanut butter lol on their own I like them, however…together….not so much lol

i need coffee

Tonight was Panthers, weights, my happy place. I was grouped with my challenge buddies Felicity and Suzanna, there was a lot of laughing…… There was one exercise in particular, which I can probably say with some degree of certainty, it was not created by a woman lol It was called a prone soft box row. Basically, you climb onto the soft box, lying on your belly then left a barbell off the ground (underhand grip). First off, soon as you lie on it, well lets just say “the girls” get totally squashed and it’s rather uncomfortable, but then if you aren’t leaning far enough over, you cant actually reach the barbell! Cue Cass coming over and patting me on the back, as in ‘good work’ while my arms are flailing all over the place trying in vain to reach the barbell (I hadn’t picked up the weight yet – but thank you for the encouragement LOL) When I finally could reach it, I was almost head down bum up and it felt like if I moved any more I would face plant the floor! How one earth does one make this exercise work?

Dream Team

Dream Team

I have no idea what Cass and I were going on about while this very serious exercise was being carried out, but we couldn’t stop laughing which then set Felicity off too! Sorry my friend, your first night back and we were distracting you hehe!  I think my parting words as I got off this exercise were “my boozies hurt” much to the amusement of those around me lol (I did think I said this in my head but no, apparently it was out loud)

Half way through the exercises, we had one called the bosu ab chopper. Lie on the bosu, lift opposite arm to leg. Rodger asked us if we were changing legs after each round to which I said nope, same leg, all 3 rounds and in between… Thankfully he didn’t believe me (I would be rather lop sided had I done just the one leg!)

The 3 of us finished on leg raises – Cass made the comment that I should do them with my legs straight, to which I responded with a resounding “NOPE, NO MORE, the girls are sore, the wrists are sore, that’s all you get tonight” Cue more laughing and….. I did them the way she asked anyway – I tell you, the abs certainly got a work out tonight! Every little bit counts right?

I was happy with my workout tonight, my arm was tender but I managed to do 3/4 of the workout using weights instead of stopping like i had previously. This pesky tennis elbow is taking a while to heal, but it’s getting there!

2nd day of the challenge, I’m still on track, and I survived Panthers!



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